Help and Advice

Drugs and Alcohol Information

There are plenty of ways to find out information and get advise on anything Drug and Alcohol related. Below are some contact details for different services available to you.


Help for all drug and alcohol related issues.
Telephone: 0800 776600
Text: 82111

National Association for Children of Alcoholics

Telephone: 0800 358 3456

Solvent Abuse

Help about the risks of sniffing solvents.


Info and advice on all drug issues. D-World site for 11 to 14-year-olds.

On the Level

Somerset help for under-18s on drug and alcohol related issues.
Telephone: 01749 836727

Sexual Health Information

There are plenty of ways to find out information and get advise on anything sexual health related. Below are some contact details for different services available to you.

R U Thinking

Advice on sex for 12 to 18 year olds.
Telephone: 0800 282930


2BU Somerset young people’s support and youth group.

Young People’s Contraception and Sexual Health Services – SwiSH

Contraception, pregnancy testing, advice. Information about all aspects of relationships and sexual health for Somerset young people, including details of local young people’s clinics. All contact details can also be found in Somerset Sex Directory.
Telephone: 0300 124 5010

Somerset Condom Card Scheme

Free condoms, no names, no judgements.
Telephone: 0845 46 47

Free Chlamydia screening

Free and confidential, for anyone under 25 living in Somerset.
To order a DIY kit, phone;
Telephone: 01749 836512

Stop Smoking Information

Contact Stop Smoking Services

The best way to quit smoking is to contact the Somerset NHS Stop Smoking Service.
Telephone: 0303 033 9840
Text: 80010 text MYQUIT followed by your name

In Times of Bereavement

If Death Occurs At Home

  1. Telephone the doctor who will visit to confirm that death has taken place.
  2.  Contact a funeral director.
  3.  Arrange to collect the doctor’s Medical Certificate of Death (usually from the surgery).
  4. Take this to the Registrars Office, (together with the deceased’s Medical Card and Birth Certificate, if available) for the area in which the death took place. Alternatively you can register by declaration at any convenient Registrars Office but certificates will not be available as these will have to be posted to you a few days later.
  5. The Registrar will normally issue a Green coloured certificate for you to give to your funeral director who will look after necessary arrangements for the funeral. The Registrar will also issue a white notification certificate for the DSS. They will also enquire as to the number of Certified Copies you require for dealing with the deceased finances (a fee is payable for each copy).

If The Death Occurs In Hospital

  1. Contact a funeral director to inform him his services are required.
  2. Collect the certificate from the hospital then follow 4 – 5 as above.

Note For Cremation

Your funeral director will usually liaise directly with the surgery regarding the additional certification required.

Police Beat Surgeries

Your Safer, Stronger Neighbourhoods team will be available for discussion on issues that matter to you most in your area.
Tel: General Enquiries 101

The Somerset Dental Advice Line

Do you need help finding an NHS Dentist in Somerset? Do you have toothache?
If so, please telephone The Somerset Dental Advice Line for help with finding an NHS dentist for urgent dental appointments, or for on-going dental care.

Tel: 0300 123 7691